a necro black metal band known for their vitrolic vocals and their destructive guitar parts. a fucking wicked band indeed.

its not very happy music.
cds include "total fucking necro", "the codex necro", "when fire rains down from the sky, mankind shall reap as it has sown", "domine non es dignus" (translates to "lord, you are not worthy")
by niggasense August 21, 2005
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Copy-paste from an interview at Eternal Frost Webzine:
Anaal-Nathrakh: The name is taken from an ancient incantation, and can be heard in the film EXCALIBUR, spoken by Merlin. We saw its link with the summoning of the Great Dragon, which surrounds all of us, as in perfect complement with what we aim to achieve with this music.
Few phonetically similar versions of it I found from web:
Ahnal Nathrac/oothvas bethud/dochiel dienvay.
Anaal Nathra/Uthe vas Bethod/Doch yel Dienve.
Anahl naddraig/uthvas bethuud/dochiel dienvé.
Anahl nathrac/uthvoss bethard/dothiel dienvay!
Anahl Nathracth/Uthva Spesudt/Dochyel Tienvane.
Anall nathrach/oothvas bethud/doe-chiele dienvay.
Anall Nathrach/Uthvas Bethuud/Dothiel Tienve.
Annall nathrach/oothvas bethood/dochyell dienvay.
by jakemus January 29, 2004
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dont' question the strength of necrock that combines the speed of Mayhem with the power of Darkthrone!~! :X

If you want a band that defines the meaning of necrotic filth, then you want to pick up a copy of Anaal Nathrakh's new cd.
by CarlsBAD January 6, 2004
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1. Anaal Nathrakh. Black Metal band from England.
Also, Anaal is dutch for anal. So think of that when you listen to Anaal Nathrakh.
Anaal Nathrakh, ey? I like their song "When the Lion Devours both Dragon and Child".

Listen to it!
by Peter Star April 25, 2007
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