An Amyl Nitrate is a drug which comes in a small brown bottle. Sniff it to get an intense but short lived high. Adds to sexual pleasure. Makes you feel warm all over.
Sniff some Amyl Nitrates before you fuck.
Jaylen took a deep inhalation of Amyl's before sex.
by Jnas October 8, 2007
Industrial Leather Cleaner. Available in some shops in small brown bottles, unmarked or sometimes called rush. Smells like crushed ants. Gives a small rush sensation which lasts about 30 second. Lethal if swallowed.
"Do you want the rest of this amyl nitrate?"
by angertrain July 18, 2008
Liquid in a small brown bottle that used to be sold at head shops for 5 bucks a pop. Now that I think about it the stuff really does smell like crushed ants. A bottle mixed with bong water will make your brain feel like it is in a vice (without the pain). Just make sure to be sitting down prior. Will make ones face turn red accompanied by hot flashes. Too much of it will make car headlights look yellow at night along with a rowdy headache.
by pazzo_ragazza October 25, 2011
Amyl nitrate is the best substance in the world. It is sniffed, often at festivals..most likely kiss my grass, in high volume. Sometimes it is even sniffed in cinemas. It provides a rush to head, often referred to as a 'squeezing of the brain'. Signs some1 is using amyl: They are bright red, they giggle constantly, they are screaming'Turn the heater off, someone turn the heater off'
Soccio is addicted to Amyl Nitrate
by Amy ppp January 21, 2009