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Can manifest in mild sensations of the uncanny or more severe psychological terror when you sense that the person or persons, often having either authority or seniority, around you are engaged in doublespeak for one of several possible reasons:

1. They are trying to bait you to say something, either real or fictive, with which they can manipulate public opinion on you, in order to plot your downfall or drive you out of the group (See mobbing).
2. They have information from an authority figure or their representative that you have or will upset or anger(ed) an authority figure and they are trying to warn you indirectly.
3. They are enjoying an internal joke at your expense simply because they feel threatened by your sincerity, creativity, and/or enthusiasm.

Symptoms of amphibolitis are:
1. Inability or refusal to engage in social interactions for fear of saying something which will anger someone and exaccerbate the feelings of amphibolitis.
2. Distractability, irritability, hopelessness, depression, and/or irrational fear.
3. A growing and persistent feeling that you are not welcome in your environment. In extreme cases, cosmophobia can develop.
The young worker's naive enthusiasm to learn on-the-job by taking on additional responsibility quickly deteriorated into an extreme case of amphibolitis, as she sensed the others doublespeaking while not addressing her, emphasizing words like "authority" and "talent," then asking her questions about the responsibilities she'd taken on.
by Delhi December 08, 2007
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