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An aroused state of uncontrollable excitement and happiness.
"It is mega hot outside. I am amp'd to go to the beach today."

"I'm so amp'd for Justin Timberlake's new cd to come out!"
by Elizabeth Maxson October 02, 2006
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Breaching the triforce of orifices in one session, preferably on the first date:

steven: So how'd your date go with that grill?
pornmaster: Well it was pretty expensive but I got amp'd. =D
steven: nice.
by 36Chambers May 13, 2007
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Feeling Stoked, and or hyped up for something.
Steve: Man am I ever amp'd for this concert!

Mark: Me to! I can't wait for the after party!
Figure 2

Joe: Can't wait for this fight on HBO, I'm super hyped!

Carl: do you mean that your amp'd?

Joe: Yep, I'm super stoked!
by Johnny Davison January 21, 2010
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