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She's a cool/cute girl!! She is so awesome and adorable people why don't you ask her out she's pretty!!
Damnnnn Amiira your sexy as hell!
by Abhvtjodjd March 29, 2017
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amiira is a darksin somali girl who gets victimised by her friends ,
Yasmin Samira and barwaqo. Amiira is currently suffering from depression because she can’t handle the verbal abuse anymore
“Oh did you see how amiira was the other day”
“Yeah she looked kind of upset , I heard her friends are the reason as to why she’s like this”
by alyal5566gola July 02, 2019
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Amiira is an beautiful girl, with lovely curly hair who always tries to be her best but her friends, Samira, barwaqo, Yasmin always drag her down and call her skinny.
Did you see amiira the other day “Yh her hair was dank”
by Laylagonzalez5 March 09, 2019
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