Sometimes always is a phrase used do describe how often somethings occurs. It’s more commonly used with people of the 21st century and adults will say ‘that’s not the correct way of speaking you can’t ‘sometimes always’ it’s sometimes or always but you actually can.
Sally sits on the bus with Sam

Sam: Hi are you new?
Sally: No, I sometimes always catch the bus
Sam: Oh, makes sense

So sally would sometimes catch the bus and sometimes could be July to December but during those months she is always on the bus
by Emma. January 4, 2023
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A term that is used only by the most prestigious of moronic and insolent percentage of the world population. Averaging out to about 0.01%. The statement in itself contradicts itself as where an event can not both "sometimes" (as in not definite) and "always" (as in definite) happen at the same time. Any use of this phrase should end in immediate annihilation of the individual.
Bro, that sometimes always happens
by Moar Chins Please October 15, 2017
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