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the most pimp shizzle last name ever; if one has this last name, they are no doubt someone you should get to know
A: Is that an Alvey?
B: Well, yes, it is.
A: I wanna be friends with him/her!
B: Me too!
A: Not if I don't beat you to it!
by katy December 10, 2003
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A hypersensitive narcissist that has no motivation in life and can only look down on others. Whenever ever this person isn't the leader of something they pout and leave their friends. These people are often adults that have never held a job of any type and can only ask for money from their mommas. They often complain about broken things (commonly computer parts) just to get new ones. They only hang out with people in similar situation and others that are too afraid to call them out to make them feel better about themselves. Oh yeah and they also have tum tum issues.
The homeless guy over their was once an Alvey.
by MortNation August 18, 2015
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