When used in reference to MMORPG's (Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games), such as World of Warcraft or Everquest, refers to a person who creates many different characters, rather than just one or two. May also be used to refer to a player who creates characters on many different servers of the same game, where the experiences they see will often be different from each other.

Use of the word is intended to be comical in nature, a play on the word "alcoholic" and will often garner laughter from others if used correctly.

Often only used online, and usually only on chat forums.

"I have over twenty characters spread out over five servers! I'm such an altoholic!"
by Anonymouswowguys August 19, 2006
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A condition that affects MMORPG gamers in which they re-roll new characters whenever they reach the 40 to 50 level range. This is usually due to the player not finding the endgame enjoyable and the player having the urge to continue to play the game as opposed to growing bored of it due to a high level character.
I'm simply in no hurry to bring my character to a point where I no longer really enjoy it. Due to Altoholism I roll new characters every time I get into that mid forties/fifties range.
by LJX November 28, 2005
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