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a term used by critics to describe the wanky clone and chumpy bands that came on the wave of the "alternative" rock jeremiad that arrived after good bands like the Cure and Nirvana scored big hits. The "duh" refers to the fact that those bands are wussy, derivative and stupid to the max. In every genre you have the superstars and then there are the zeroes who ride on the talented groups' coattails.
1. In a CD listening booth I checked out the new releases. I heard a wussy British band doing a song about "boys and girls...", it had a synthesizer pulsing beat ripped off from "Fashion" by David Bowie. The rest of the tracks were utter crap. This alterna-duh album was by Blur.

2. The music critic in the local independent paper referred to the Primitive Radio Gods as an "alterna-duh" band.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice October 16, 2008
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