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The first sorority designed for black women. The organization was founded at Howard University in 1908. The organzation was created to be supreme in service to all mankind. AKA has always been a big supporter of the arts, as well. Though concerned with its "image," much of the service work is done quietly by members in communities all over the world. The organization's membership is over 200,000 college-educated women. The sorority has been launching civil rights, education, economic empowerment, and health programs designed to better the world since its founding. Its members are generally though of to be ladies among women. The official colors are salmon pink and apple green, and the official mascot is the ivy leaf. AKAs are generally thought of as being women who have the total package: brains, beauty, elegance, charm, and quiet strength. The organization continues to prove its relevance and its ability to stand the test of time with grace and strength. Some terms commonly associated with Alpha Kappa Alpha are: first and finest, 20 pearls, ivy, "mirror," skee-wee, AKAtude, lady, etc.
Alpha Kappa Alpha was the FIRST greek organization to be recognized as an accredited observer at the United Nations during the 1940s.
by Mizpah May 05, 2007
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The first black greek sorority, for college educated women. Founded on the campus of Howard University on January 5, 1908. Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded by sixteen sophisticated, intelligent, and community service minded women. Salmon pink and apple green are the colors that 250,000 plus women hold close to their hearts. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated will be celebrating 100 years of service to ALL Mankind in 2008.
There is no more words or definitions to type in order to define what Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is. All that needs to be said is that Alpha Kappa Alpha is the first and that they are to be of service to ALL Mankind.
by Delta Eta May 28, 2007
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The "first" black sorority founded in 1908 on the campus of Howard University. The sorority is charicterized by wanna-bees and females with low self esteem before they pledge and later take on an alternate fake identity where they "appear" to be pretty and full of self-esteem and are not. There Mascot is the mirror. No community service done, only having sleep overs with Kappas.
The girl was wack and a loser and ugly before she pledged AKA, and now she thinks she's all that. Alpha Kappa Alpha.
by skee-yo April 18, 2006
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The first African American sorority founded in 1908 by twenty women. Unfortunately, because the sorority was founded on social principles and shunned helping to make the world a better place, members of the undergraduate chapter decided to create a real sorority founded on principles of sisterhood and service, and Delta Sigma Theta was born. Typical stereotype is that of a "pretty" girl, completely absorbed with fashion and public perception. Also unfortunately, many of the women who typically pledge Alpha Kappa Alpha are women with low self-esteem, who want to be viewed as a beautiful woman with much to offer. They are hardly ever seen in the community. Their "pretty" image could have been a positive one for black women, but has served to alienate many.
AKA 1: Girl, look at her. She is so ugly. She can never be pretty like US.

AKA 2: (flips hair) I know girl! Alpha Kappa Alpha is so great! It's so unfortunate that everybody can't be pretty like us! I don't care about community service, I just want to be pretty and fashionable!

75 years later...

Observer: God she's an AKA? She is so old and ugly. What does she have now? I wonder what she has to show for her sorority. Beauty definetely fades.
by Intelligence Is Key February 11, 2008
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A historic Panhellenic sorority, including famous AKAs, Maya Angelou. AKAs can usually be intelligent, goal-oriented, poise and talented young women, mainly of color. Unfortunately, there are too many AKAs that are phony, bitchy, self-absorbed, connected to multi-million dollar companies which guarantees them a seven-figure salary after Undergrad when there are people who are not apart of Greek organizations who have to work twice as hard just because they are not associated with a fucking greek. Very fair, eh? And not to forget, many AKAs are very beautiful on the outside but possess the seven-headed beast within their rotten little souls.
All the Alpha Kappa Alphas I met are greedy, egomaniacal bitches who need to be stabbed repeatedly and strangled with a donkey chain (But this does not mean every AKA just a lot of them). They are so into their damn sorority to the point if you don't pledge sororities, then they think you are socially inept. Women like them need to die and leave the world to the more modest, individualistic women.
by twistedbabydoll July 06, 2007
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