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person who does what she/he feels or is comfortable with without having to be goth, skater, punk, or hip hip follower but to be one of a kind. also and alonic person is a person who is silent anti-social , skateboards does graffiti, vibes from comics, anime and does no care what everyone thinks about him/her.
chris skateboards listens to rock and dresses in black but knows hes not trying to be a goth/skater.chris at school sits with every social group but is neither adapted or trying to be like the people of the group which makes him alonic and follows alona
by Donald Briggs March 28, 2004
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1 of my best friends! :) She LOVES the spanglish sponge & is really funny & cool. Love yah alonic!
As Alonic walked down the hallway one wonderful day at school she spotted the spanglish sponge & started drooling
by Miss.Sarah December 19, 2004
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