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dont take shit from anyone
fuck with a allysia youll get your ass kicked
a bad motherfucker

cares about peoples feelings always
and friends before bros




hated for what people wish they were

defintion of sexy
Allysia Would Never Ditch Her Friends For A Boy.
by donnie darkoo November 26, 2009
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The BEST sibling a guy/girl could ever have. She knows everything and is headstrong, especially when she wants to just hang out. She has good advice and the one that looks out for you. The one you can count on and a girl that has the personality of anew angel.
Example: Hey! Have you guys seen Allysia!?! She's my sister!
"Can I get that Lessie! She super fine!?!
by NightmareMattu April 04, 2017
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a girl who everyone thinks is a total slut but is secretly afraid of boys and gets an industral bar in her ear.has super retarded strenght
i thought that allysia girl was going to make me a man but instead barely looked at me.wht the hellll!!
by imdabombbbooyeaaa October 25, 2009
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