A farmer ridden English village in the fucking middle of absolutely fucking nowhere. Everyone's slept with everyone and the drunks at the local pub are the well known and louder that their own fucking tractors.
"Hey, want to go for a drink in East Allington?"
"Better go to Solcombe mate, unless drunk farmers are your thing?"
by IncestOnPintrest February 28, 2016
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a gyal who still has a thing for her gay exbf (who’s extremely sexy and hot). but also has a thing for ed sheeran
broski it’s harriet allington who needs surgery on her teeth
by thatdefinitelystr8guy January 4, 2022
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Bolshevik prick whos madly in love with Gabe (not goodchild a different one)
Very ginger and sorta a fucking pain
No sense of humour and very fecken stressy
Wont stop giving me the fuck me eyes
Sorta selfish and mean and lacks self awareness and agressivly introverted and violent
Charlotte A. (not allington its a different one): I will break your other collarbone
Gabe (not goodchild a different one): Wtfc
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the name of a huge dick mongoose who constantly annoys u with his huge dick
you are such an allington
by ball intake February 12, 2020
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