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When you say something really gay and mean it in a really gay way.

The opposite of no homo
Person: I love you
Friend: *stares weirdly*
Person: ALL the HOMO
by rilaya April 24, 2017
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AKA #allthehomo, used as a response to those who incorrectly apply "no homo" to the end of a potentially homoerotic statement. EXAMPLE:

First known application was by a twitter user responding to a tweet by Milo Yiannopoulos. Yiannopoulos's tweet had contained a "#nohomo" tag followed by a question mark. Unfortunately, when Twitter later permanently banned Yiannopoulos, they also "salted the Earth" of his presence, removing any and all trace that he had ever existed on the platform by deleting not only all of his tweets but ANY user's tweet that contained mention of him, as well as private messages sent to and FROM other users.

This means we cannot actually verify who the originator of the "#allthehomo" hashtag was (though the guy who wrote this entry SWEARS it was him but I'm also fairly certain he's drunk, so...), the hashtag itself has since been reused hundreds of thousands of times across Twitter alone as well as a host of other social media platforms, often as a humorous means by which to openly disagree with the homophobic nature of a phrase like "no homo" without also sounding like your trying to lecture its user.
"I would like to take our relationship to the next level."

Awkward laughter. "No homo?"

Shakes head. "All the homo."
by Hard Feelings July 15, 2017
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