A phrase indicating that everyone can or must take part in a certain activity. Derived from the 1970's jargon of the inexplicably popular skating rinks.
Original: Rink DJ: "OK, we're gonna put on the BeeGees. Everybody get on on teh floor, it's an all skate!"

Now: Employee One: "Did you get to slide out of the sexual harassment training yesterday?"

Employee Two: "No. It was an all skate."
by Woody August 26, 2004
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Descriptive term for a traffic situation that is so precarious and hideous, it appears as if there are no rules since cars seemingly careen and swerve all over the freeway/highway in near-miss collisions. (Term is derived from 70's skating rink jargon "all skate," wherein all skaters were called to the rink to skate -- and most then did so with absolute lunacy and reckless abandon.)
OMG, I was just caught in an "all skate" on the 5 freeway and almost got ran over by a semi truck!

Dude, it's a total "all skate" -- watch out for that jackass in the Mercedes!!
by Kayt Bass July 19, 2011
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In reference to dance or musical theatre; an “All Skate” refers to when all dancers on stage are doing the exact same step. Usually the highlight or main chorus of a number.
“My favorite part of newsies is the all skate in “King of New York” where they all dance together.”
by banananananna January 3, 2020
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