A holiday either referring to All Saints Day or Halloween.
I can't wait to celebrate All Hallows, its my favorite day of the day of the year.
by GreatDef August 08, 2009
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1.Another name for that oh-so annoying day of the year Halloween.

2.An EP released by the band AFI.
1.'Mum theres some trick or treaters at the door!'
'Fetch my gun.'

2.Dude that track 'the boy who destroyed the world' tottaly rocks, Booya!
by Citezen:Erased April 09, 2005
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They gayest school of rapists, paedophilic teachers, woman beaters and whores.
by Weydonbae March 17, 2018
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School founded in 1909 which is known for making teens into young men that walk in excellence.
A teen in All Hallows’ High School will always surpass the intelligence of a Hayes man.
by BigBlueHallows November 26, 2018
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All Hallows' School is a Catholic day school for girls, located in Fortitude Valley, close to the central business district of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Founded in 1861, the school follows in the tradition of the Irish Sisters of Mercy, and caters for over 1,550 girls from Years five to 12. The school is said to be the most elite and well performing girls catholic school in the state, second only to Brisbane Girls Grammar School. All Hallows performs at the Gallipoli choir on Anzac day with its brother school, St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace. All Hallows also is the oldest secondary school in Queensland.
I go to AHS.

The school next to the storey bridge, surrounded by skyscrapers, that's All Hallow's School.

I just got invited to the All Hallows Semi-Formal.
by That Scoalable Guy November 29, 2018
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Mental institution filled with little crack heads that stink of dog piss. Lazy bastards that av bare dandruff and dead discos
by Hahsbzha July 18, 2019
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Mental institution full of crack heads which stunk of dog piss
Is that mental institution all Hallows any good? Thinking of referring me Nan

All Hallowsmental asylum for retarded children who have yellow hands and weed under their nails x
by Hahsbzha July 18, 2019
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