A beautiful girl who thinks other wise. She's a total badass. If you mess with her, you know what just dont. She's BEAUTIFUL. She's a very funny and artistic person. She doesn't care for a lot of people. She only cares for her best friends. If you know an Alexandria don't ever let her go.
"Woah is that Alexandria?"
"Yeah, isn't she smoking?"
"Well she's mine so back off!"
by Luke Vidika November 07, 2017
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Main Harbor for Egypt
second city in population in Egypt after Cairo
called The pearl of the mediterranean sea
established by the Alexander the great
alexandria :when u see a man from Alexandria you can see that he has the characters of mediterranean poeple
by Egypt 44 September 22, 2006
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Normally have big tits, big forheads, ginger hair, lots of acne, and a flat ass. Do not be fooled by her kind voice. She will betray you. Often that friend you want to tell everything to but you know you can't trust. Alexandria's (alex for short) are not to be tampered with. Although they are short they can put up a fight. Alexandria's will critisize your every move. They are major hipicrits. They will take a guy, use him, make him the "perfect" boyfriend, then dump him. Pretend to be mature when really all they do is start drama. They don't listen to what you have to say and assume the worst. Often work somewhere like a shoppers drug store.
Girl 1: *crying*

Alexandria: what's wrong hun?
Girl 1: *tells alexandria everything*

The next day everyone knows..
by an.old.friend. January 11, 2012
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Someone that gets put into many awkward situations.. Likes retarted cats that may or may not be high... Sees Babaru and says "Man... I should get high with you." Enjoys watching seven rather large men work out at the gym... at the same time... Accidentally hangs out with people that like to burn themselves.. at the mall. Owns the most unnecessary phone in the world. Is scared of "DJ's".... Watches the Spanish channel religiously.. Often.. with David.
by SHoeLaCexAWESOME February 08, 2010
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nappy haired hoe who thinks shes cute and everybody hates
Girl 2: Hey Isn't That Alexandria
Girl : omg look at her hair it looks like she hasnt taken a shower since bc
by claire troy July 03, 2009
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A nice girl on the outside, but after you get to know her, a real bitch. An attention-seeking whore, that will date any guy she can get her hands on. A back-stabbing friend; not trustworthy. Always has to be the leader, or isn't the friendliest person to be around. Small in size, flat-chested and flat-bottomed/shapeless. Once she is apart of your life, it won't be the same.
Girl 1: Did you tell Alexandria you liked him?
Girl 2: Yeah
Girl 1: And now she's dating him?
Girl 2: Yup
by NYLoserr October 18, 2011
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is a dirty slut bag that sleeps with every guy. doesnt know how to keep them out of her pants. shes the uglyest girl alive guys only get with her cause they know shes easy. she has no friends cause everyone thinks shes the school skank. dont trust a hoe.. aka dont trust alexandria.
by skank45663526633 August 01, 2011
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