Arabic for "my heart." Used often in music.
"Albi maak wi laik ghani ali"

- "Choukrane" by Alabina
by emiellaiendiay July 12, 2004
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A sensitive and caring boy. A literal kid genius, funny dude but not ' LOL' funny. A loyal, chill, helpful friend who will always look out for you. A best friend to have.
Girl 1: I have a crush on Alby
Girl 2: OMG me too!!
by Me And The Boys :) March 16, 2020
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Albie, on the inside is a loving and caring boy who always puts his family first and thinks his family is the people who he is ready to die for, but on the outside is a badass gangster who will always stand up for his friends and who can take a beating to protect others, he is also very good with the lady
Dam he is such an albie
by Crazy carry February 24, 2016
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alby is the love of my life and is the prettiest person i have ever seen in my entire life :)
by jacoblovesalby May 5, 2021
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Alby is an amazing friend stays beside a friend no matter what's their problem. He is a very good athlete.
by Coolkidloves69 September 28, 2018
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A cool personality. Warm, friendly and witty. The name can be used in various forms to convey many different messages. Very unusual and rare.
"Albie seein' ya soon" or "Albie right here when you need me" or on a voice mail: "Albie callin' ya right back", "Albie thinking about you", etc.
by albiewan August 7, 2011
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