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when you take your partner away on a romantic expidition to the alaskan alp cottages. then you go ice jigging for the so called alaskan salmon. catch a salmon and procede to root the ass off of it and release your sperm inside of it. then you take the so called salmon back to the cottage and use it on your partner inserting it into her ass. on point of ejaculation of your partner you squeeze the salmons guts releasing the remnants of your sperm into your partners ass. then you pull the salmon out of your partners ass all covered in shitty, cummy, bloody resin and slap her across the face leaving a shitty cummy bloody fucking moustache on her upper lip.
i took my partner to the alaskan alps the other weekend for a fishing adventure and gave her a alaskan salmon run moustache.
by midge101 July 18, 2010
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