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when you take your partner away on a romantic expidition to the alaskan alp cottages. then you go ice jigging for the so called alaskan salmon. catch a salmon and procede to root the ass off of it and release your sperm inside of it. then you take the so called salmon back to the cottage and use it on your partner inserting it into her ass. on point of ejaculation of your partner you squeeze the salmons guts releasing the remnants of your sperm into your partners ass. then you pull the salmon out of your partners ass all covered in shitty, cummy, bloody resin and slap her across the face leaving a shitty cummy bloody fucking moustache on her upper lip.
i took my partner to the alaskan alps the other weekend for a fishing adventure and gave her a alaskan salmon run moustache.
by midge101 July 18, 2010
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fat ugly mainly oversized banana loving central qld based shit cunts. usual habitats are bridges, low lying creek crosses, park benches, sewer drains and also been known to fallander around sorgom paddicks. some may refer to them as tunnel cunted crackwhore sutted cunt bitches.
getting back to your house after a big night out you end up having to chew your fucking arm off in the morning cause you realise you have just fucked a billapotamus. then having kill the cunt with a cricket bat so you can chop the cunt up into little pieces and freeze the cunts for later consumption
by midge101 July 01, 2010
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when you go out on the town and have a big night on the wild turkey and gas. you end up running into the billopotamus you had an unnexpected affair with back in the sixties. you get to chatting and find yourself back into the same position as you were back in the sixties. when you end up back at her place giving her the fist in the ass of a life time to the beat of the locomotion. all for the greater good of her severe constipation. on point of her climax you release your fist from her ass and she relieves her steaming feices all over your chest. picking up the biggest solidist piece of shit in the pile and she procedes to entertain hersellf masturbating the biggest piece of feices and finally cumming all over the fieces on your chest.
i went on a bucks party the other night and ended up having a pinchy winchy cleveland steamer express. it was horrible because she had aids and her periods along with down syndrome.
by midge101 July 26, 2010
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when a regular old mate enjoying a sexual experience with midgets they appreciate taking turns shitting in his cunt
mississippi whippy fucked up
by midge101 July 01, 2010
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the art of gouging the internal anus walls with a dull sharp object that feels good on insertion but then brings sickening pain and profuse bleeding of the backdoor region after anal penetration
A brazilian bowel gouge is fun,shitcunt decide to take home slutbag for some anal, shitcunt inserted an old square sauce bottle or a 40 pounder rum bottle to slutbags arse and unknowly tore the internal anus wall to shreads leaving the sluts dripping blood onto a face washer on the floor and toothbrush for a healthy clean smile
by midge101 July 01, 2010
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