the floofiest bat in the Underground.
by Rentheweeb September 29, 2020
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if ur name is this, ur lowkey annoying asf, get a life ur not cool, u have no freinds, ur a fatherless child.
Akihiro Hefferman is an annoying as bxtch
by Akihiro Hefferman March 18, 2022
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May refer to Japanese name for autumn. However, it is most commonly associated with our Lord and Saviour, conqueror of masculinity, none other than the infamous Anhad, also known to some as Ruler of the Equatorial Penis.
Legend has it that the alias Akihiro was bestowed upon our hero by Satan himself, for Anhad makes certain that all enemies before him fall like the leaves of autumn.
Adversaries: Who is this beast?! All my instincts tell me to kneel before him, and he shattered my penis merely by pointing at it!
Intellectual: Why, that is Akihiro of course. Even at a glance he can eliminate any penis under 30 metres.
by Alfinite November 17, 2021
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He is a very nice and rich person. His personality changes when you get to know him. He I’m sometimes annoyed and have anger issues
Omg look at Akihiro’
by URMOM_56 June 19, 2022
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