A lebanese street word meaning "ate" (verb: to eat) used between friends when one is unexpectedly answered/bullied by the other
Friend 1: you are late
Friend 2: i was with your mama
Other friends: akallll
by Avoboyadjian August 26, 2017
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the best word ever that can be used in any situation.akal
mallifa:gio i slept with your mom👀
by mallifa January 24, 2021
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Akaal (or Akal) literally timeless, immortal, non-temporal, is a term integral to Sikh tradition and philosophy.
God is always Akal

Akal murat
by Angel kaur November 23, 2021
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Making sense / Make sense about something
1 : Why does the monkey can drive a watermelon?
2 : Because it was a monkey
1 : Manuk akal
by Zenxlay October 25, 2022
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