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a person that has a face with aids on it
My sister Clarence got AIDS from that guys face, what an aidsface!
by Little Quincy April 01, 2008
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An insult commonly used to describe someone who's face looks like they have aids; someone who has really bad acne that looks like it might be bad enough to kill them such as aids would.
Person 1 : Ewwwww! look at that girl, she's such an aids face!
Person 2 : What's an aids face?
Person 1 : Someone with a pale, acne covered face that looks like they're dying.
Person 2 : Ohhhh! an AIDS face...I get it. Ha ya definitely an AIDS face.
by realguitarHERO August 29, 2008
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a popular insult that, disturbingly, has nothing to do with the STI
person 1: you are an aids face
person 2: but i'm a virgin!
person 1: shut up aids face!
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A person who has such bad acne that it looks like they have aids of the face. Also can be a person who has a pale face that looks like they have aids in general.
Person 1:"Ewww look at that girl's acne!"
Person 2:"I know, deffinate aids face."
Person 1:"Totally."
by theslymarcus September 23, 2008
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Aidsface is a band of which was creadted in 2008 by two idiots from woking in england. Upon creating this said band they then realised that insulting the world was a talant that came naturally, with song such as deathbuss, We Stole Maddie and the classic, The Gay Parade. Their sucsess spans all over the world, from England to America, people recognise the Face of Aids. So when useing this term Aids Face, it is often to define a offensive yet amazing band, namely.. Aidsface...
Wow have you hurd Aidsface?

No, whats that?

Some ubah leet band on myspace! they are the greatest in offending people in a nice rythmatic deathmetal way!

Wow man, thank you for elightening me with this face of aids band! I am now gunna be a Aidsfaceion
by Andrewaidsface December 02, 2008
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