the first character introduced in the show/anime wonder egg priority, she is supposedly the main protagonist and heroine of the story, she is longing to bring her deceased bestfriend koito back to life.
fan 1: I love ai ohto so much! she’s so strong
fan 2: ooh me too I also loveee Rika
The main character of Wonder Egg Priority and a fan favourite. Some refer to her as "Ai Ohto, Ohto Ai, Ai san, Ohto san, Ai chan, Ohto chan, Ai sama, Ohto Sama or The Better Coraline" But most would prefer her full name of PP as it best suits her personality of a Kudere young girl but then slowly matures into a frisky loli that can stand up for herself and others.

Not to be confused with the LGBTQ character of Wonder Egg Priority that lurks around the show with the name of Momoe Sawaki, as PP has been proven to be attracted to men in Episode 4 of the anime "Colourful Girls" note the word "colourful girls" is not to be mistaken for an ally but rather the diversity between the cast members in appearence or internal colours (not to mistaken internal with their identity) but rather their experiences and how they help one another by being there for each other (not to mistake "being there for each other" with deep relationships but rather as a supportive friend (not to mistake "supportive" as an ally but rather a companion (not to confuse companion as a lover) ) )
Girl: "You seem pretty happy today, thinking of someone?"
Boy: "PP..."
Girl: "Excuse me?"
Boy: "No, no my mistake you would know her as Ai Ohto"
Girl: "ahhh.."
by PP Enjoyer June 16, 2022