A shy Asian girl talented in the arts. She leads by example and can be talkative with a certain group of people.
She is so Rika
by Pseudonym Finch December 4, 2019
a sexy-ass girl who knows how to have fun. she is boy crazy and loves to party. All the girls are jealous of her and all the guys want her. she tends to have a thing for boys named justin, even if they are total dushebags.
wow, she's so rika
by xrapemasterx June 7, 2011
A snake who created a cult called 'Saeran's simps' (mint eye lol). Aside of being a bitch she's so fucking hot and might step on you if you ask her to.
Yoosung: MC, you're just like Rika!
MC: Bitch, I ain't a snake.

by Saeyoung's wife October 28, 2020
Rika is a very beautiful cult leader, much people call her snake or hate her, but I love her, even tho I can kinda understand the people that hate her :c
Me: "Omg Rika you're so cute please marry me"
X: "You're a fcking psychopath
by cloudii.qwq September 19, 2020
A sweet, bubbly, kind cinnamon roll. Everyone depends on her and think she is the loveliest. However, deep inside, she's actually so fed up with being a people pleaser. She secretly hates everyone and wants to just be a heart-less bitch.
Rika is such a social butterfly!
My classmate, Rika, is so dependable. She lends me her notes all the time.
by cherrysho November 23, 2021
A hyper, crazy drummer who never shuts up. TVs, windows and people called Akki are her enemies. Keep them away or there will be much screaming and swearing.
HAHA! Rika is ze masta of ze univerze!
by Vampyre_Child June 24, 2009
A type of flower in japan but is never called this
you can say this flower is kawaii
alot of people disagree that it is kawaii but the flower has actually more purpose.
Wow look at rika! it looks so pretty!
These rikas will surely make my love happy cause she is as pretty as they are!
by darkamikaze October 7, 2006