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A person who is a complete savage and has the funniest jokes and eats along with everybody.
Oh my gosh! I want to be like you Aharon!
by xOMQCHLOE May 11, 2017
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An amazing friend he is always there for you and never leaves you. Is good at sports such as baseball and has a true passion for it. Is there for you no matter what you going through. Hes the kind of guy that "you don't wanna lose his love tonight" Hes extremely lovable. Hes the kind of person that knows everything about you because when you have a problem he is without question the first one you will go to. Don't piss an Aharon because it will feel like world warll. Don't let him go hold him tight because if you lose him it will feel like the biggest mistake of you life you WILL regret it. Hes truly amazing and is the funniest person that you will ever meet. He will crack jokes at the hardest times and makes you feel like you the most important person and is super charming!
You gotta love Aharon
by AVATHEAMAZING June 16, 2018
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He is a bitch ass nigga he treats girls like his own shit , he wipes it and throws it away . He is a tall mother fucker but Iโ€™ll still beat his ass up . I donโ€™t know why Andrea likes him but she must be on some fucking drugs I donโ€™t fuckn know they are a good match because there both pigs and donkeys so he can go suck a dick !! He is a shithead , motherfucker , uglyass , asshole and a dick face . - unknown
Aharon is a dick face !
by Unknown mother fucker November 23, 2018
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