A person who is a complete savage and has the funniest jokes and eats along with everybody.
by xOMQCHLOE May 11, 2017
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Aharon is a cute, nice guy who is loved by all girls and friends with all boys. He isn't that tall but very strong and amazing at sports typically boxing, soccer and he is a cheetah when he is running. He likes his way in most things but he is also sweet and very polite.
Who is that guy over there? (Person 1)

That's Aharon he's a very nice bloke! (Person 2)
by Truedefintition October 6, 2020
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An amazing friend he is always there for you and never leaves you. Is good at sports such as baseball and has a true passion for it. Is there for you no matter what you going through. Hes the kind of guy that "you don't wanna lose his love tonight" Hes extremely lovable. Hes the kind of person that knows everything about you because when you have a problem he is without question the first one you will go to. Don't piss an Aharon because it will feel like world warll. Don't let him go hold him tight because if you lose him it will feel like the biggest mistake of you life you WILL regret it. Hes truly amazing and is the funniest person that you will ever meet. He will crack jokes at the hardest times and makes you feel like you the most important person and is super charming!
You gotta love Aharon
by AVATHEAMAZING June 13, 2018
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What does the term Savage, Notorious and Legend have in common? AHARON, Disciplined Yet Savage; Caring but is Notorious Nuts; Crazy and Legendary. Disclaimer: Some versions finger bang Turtles!
That’s some serious aharon level craziness!
by LilApe November 24, 2021
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