This is a phrase used in meme culture of the overwatch league by xQc.
we go agane bois
by Excal1bur June 8, 2018
Agane is used by the korean osu! player FlyingTuna. It just means again.
FlyingTuna: "It happened agane"
by Was Geht Sie Das An January 5, 2019
A phrase used by xQc after watching videos submitted by the chat.
“Go Agane one more time
by snoopynesnedens November 28, 2019
The words 'meden agan' are written on the temple at Delphi.
by mihailoff February 21, 2005
Friendly brown boy who is super nice and kind. In love with a special someone, preferably a Coby
" OMGGG its an AGAN"
by Simon Donagonal September 1, 2022
Its a chessecake, The name of the first chessecake was Agan
When describing something that taste chesse, we call it for Agan
by Axelsson December 9, 2016