Not for something, not standing to something positive about a subject. Not in agreement to a matter.
I am against your religion.
by larstait October 30, 2003
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Expression (chiefly American): an admonition to males engaging in sexual behavior with females that at any time the female expresses the wish to cease such activity, the male must immediately comply or risk potential legal consequences.
Any guy out on the town needs to remember the mantra "against her will is against the law."
by speedog June 23, 2010
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Rise Against is an amazing New Age punk rock band, they sing about love, poitics and many other subjects with very inspired lyrics
"Countdown, to the very end, Equality, an invitation that we wont extend, Ready aim pull the trigger now, in time you firmly secure your place in hell" -State of the Union, Rise Against
by Jesse LeRiche January 24, 2006
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