When your bowl of weed is so over packed that it looks like a black man with an afro.
Alex: Yo why is that bowl so packed? It looks like its overflowing!
Matt: That's called an afro, it literally looks like an afro.
by WeezyOuttaHere March 19, 2019
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a big hair that makes people say "oh!" it is also people who use as wigs in the 80's.
Wow! you have a big AFRO! nice.
by Magic Afro July 11, 2015
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Said to show you're not black after saying something that sounds black. Comparable to the phrase "no homo".
I just passed by the Welfare office, no afro.
by bfranci April 27, 2011
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Descriptive word describing someone or something portraying funk on any level.

No matter the colour, gender, or size.. anyone can jive.

Anyone can be afro.
"You're looking quite afro this evening."

"Gurl, you so afro in dem jeans."

by Lady-Bird November 28, 2007
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Large amount of hair on top of the head that has not been cut for ages.
Cosmo is a frenchy with an afro. He would go get a hair cut but he doesn't speak english cause he's french.
See also Frenchy
by Neglector March 28, 2005
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What people use for the Afro Forum on milk.sporkyou.com
All the people from the afro forum are so afroness
by Solar December 14, 2003
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