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Afonso is a guy that pisses you off every day, with his terrible jokes and just stupid comments. He has beautiful eyes but has a bit of a tummy, but is not fat, just chubby. He always falls in love with several girls that are much hotter than him and then shows no feelings towards them afterwards. Ladies should avoid afonso's at all costs, they are never good boyfriends. Afonso is a prick.
OMFG!!!! It's an Afonso RUN AWAY!!!!!!!
by Thatguyeverygirlwants November 07, 2015
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Afonso, someone who loves smoking and making puns. Also known as the kings of puns, Afonsos always know how to make people want to never hear another pun in their life.
"See that guy? What's his name?"


"I knew it!"
by That One Hetalian October 22, 2015
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