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ever been obsessed with a tv progrmme, band or drugs?
you have an addictive personality,
this doesnt mean people are addicted to you,
even though, may i add, you are looking smokin' hot tonight.
NO. this means you get easily addicted to things,

you may spend 90% of your time obsessing over this.
but dont worry, well actually do!
having an addictive personality can be good or bad.

good: if you get a job you are enjoy, you will be so passionate about it you will get right to the top.

bad: it is certain you will become a heroin addict, sorry!
man: yo girl, will you blow on my wind intrument

girl: sorry i cant i have to blow on my other wind instrument, the oboe, i just cant get enough of it!

man: woowww girl, you have an addictive personality
by manbaby2 May 28, 2009
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When a person says that they do not have an addictive personality, they are insinuating that they are somehow immune to ever becoming addicted to anything.

Often, when someone says this, they do in fact have an addictive personality. Whether it be to food, sex, shopping or tv.... they do in fact have an addiction of one sort it another.
My brother is a heroin addict; I just don’t have an addictive personality though....
by The right women October 08, 2017
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