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The unique ability to determine which Asian country a person is from.
My adar tells me that my boss is from Korea.
by BJ Murphy November 09, 2007
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1. The name of the 6th month (out of 12) in the Jewish calendar. The Jews celebrate the holiday Purim, on this month.

2. A name. Both for males or females.
"Can't wait for Purim!! I'm going to be disguised as Queen Esther."

"It's next month, right? On Adar?"

by A~A October 23, 2008
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Short form of asshole raydar. A 6th sense about assholes where upon meeting someone, you can instantly know whether or not they are an asshole.
Similar to gaydar, but with assholes.
Fras: Hey, isnt that sebastian?
Cass: Careful, my A-dar is screaming code red
by Smoker #1 January 08, 2009
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(short from asshole-dar) Ability to detect whether a guy is an asshole right away, before wasting weeks on him. Works similar to gaydar.
Joe Shmoe is a cute guy. I wish I had an A-dar to check if he's an asshole.
by [a]Ny[A] January 12, 2010
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