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A word to describe any of the following:
1. A seemingly ordinary event which has a surreal or hallucinogenic twist...
2. That wierd feeling you get when you feel something is out of place/sync, yet others are oblivious to your
3. Any defining moment in a psychedelic experience which has a personal importance or relevance.
The following examples are not necessarily accurate, but are merely a guideline to emphasise the definition :)
1 - acid moment: a neon green tandem bike with pink fluffy pedals riding through the most unpleasant part of town...
2 - acid moment: Deja Vu or any related mindset that relates to the definition...
3 - acid moment: when you realise the universe is not the actual structure around you but the complex synergy of emotions, experiences and choices that define your very existence.
by Firelovesugar April 20, 2009
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