A word springing from Harry Potter used to get someone to hand an object to you. Similar in use to using Jedi powers. Effectiveness depends on level of compliance from people nearby.
Jamie: "Accio waterbottle!"
Jenny hands Jamie the water bottle.

Lauren: "Accio cellphone!"
Michelle: "Screw you!"
by Slytheringurl4life April 22, 2010
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A spell used in Harry Potter to bring a wanted object to whomever used the spell.
The object must also be something already materialized. A wizard or Witch that uses the spell cann't not summon something that does not exist.

Also, the farther away the object it, the harder it is to summon it.
Harry: Accio broom!
(broom flys over to Harry)
by sillysac August 30, 2005
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A spell coming from the Amazing series named Harry Potter by j.k Rowling
Accio is a summoning charm
Of course muggles cant do it
When you point your wand at a thing
Anything, and say 'accio' and the things name
Jennie says 'accio Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban book'
Jake gets up and hands the book to jennie
by Voldemort_be_like:=) December 31, 2020
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A spell used by a die-hard harry potter fan. It is used as a lame attempt to humiliate the victim. It is usually followed by the spell caster saying there is nothing to take.
Person 1: Accio life... oh nothing is coming
Person 2: You fag... (Takes wand and stabs harry potter fan)
by khanvict August 25, 2007
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A summoning charm. Used to summon or get objects.
*you want an orange* “Accio Orange” *the orange fly’s over to you*
by MoldyVoldys8thHorcurx May 31, 2021
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