It's universal. The generalized, abhorrant and marginally offensive base-line of human ignorance.
Went for fucked-up, fast food drive-thru and once again confirmed: Dumbness Abounds.
What did you expect?
by YAWA March 25, 2021
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1) Negative experiences occurring or existing in great quantities or numbers.

2) Many beggars or mooches.
1) Last month; I caught my spouse cheating on me got fired and wrecked my car. Bummers abound!

2) Bummers abound, look at all of these panhandlers.
by Bummer sa Bound November 20, 2022
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When ham is flavorful, juicy, and well prepared the universal truth is that it's fucking good ham. "Fine ham abounds" can be substituted for "fucking good ham" in polite company.
Yeah I like it, it's really fucking good. Ooh, oops, I mean--fine ham abounds, mom.
by mootinator January 4, 2013
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