Married to one of the leading ladies of India, Ashwariya Rai.
Mainly gained prominence due to his famous father. (Although is father was not actually considered a good actor until late 20th century and early 21st century. He had been working since mid 20th century)

Noted for performances in: Dhoom, Dhoom 2, Bunty aur Babli
Wow! Abhishek Bacahan and Ashwariya Rai are married now!
by April 12, 2008
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Someone who claims to be extremely straightforward but secretly feels offended and waits for enough time to mention it so that it can be used as a joke instead of getting it sorted at the time. Good driver but serves as a driving instructor on the passenger seat and looks down upon even remotely fast driving. Loves appearing to be stupid so that people can be spellbound when he gets an occasion to prove himself. Great teacher who lets his students help him discover his real passion in life. This name depicts people who taunt people by quoting others instead of coming up with something original.
PS- Don't ask them to crack jokes, it puts them on the spot
PPS- Has an affinity for North Indian girls.
Eg. Don't hold it in Man, it's okay to let it out, otherwise you're just another Abhishek!
by Driving Instructor101 January 30, 2021
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A name used to signify a stern leader with an extremely sensitive side.
Bruh, Abhishek just beat the shit out of Mark without any notice but he still cries when we tell him that his crush died
by Random Emo named Emo August 21, 2016
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Abhishek, "consecration",”coronation”, "anointment"a man who is charming, extremely intelligent, fearless, protective, sings amazing brings this American woman to tears hearing him sing in Hindi, hates when someone cry's, doesn't put up with people who slander others, won't stand down in a fight, holds back emotions, loves to learn about others, puts his family first, loves his mother more then anyone in the world, doesn't sugar-coat what he feels is wrong about a person, withdrawn from expressing his fears or emotional distress to avoid negative feelings, forgets the past and lives in the present.. A leader, is good at anything he does and studies any situation if he fails at something he doesn't stop until he excels in it, rather talk then type, hates things repeated and has a hard time expressing his love for another, doesn't talk about himself to often and doesn't talk about others he knows but is very private and mysterious, can get you to believe anything, even if it's so far fetched for one to even consider his emotionless expressions will get a person to believe him even if he is joking the whole time .. Sly, discreet, rather listen to analyze a person then to talk about himself, Very observant, fully confident he will get what he wants, not a person to lie to because he study's the reactions of one's expressions and knows when they are lying or telling the truth, this man is amazing
Abhishek is an amazing singer!

"Wow, I don't understand how he can make a woman cry when she doesn't even understand his language!"
by TnM84 January 11, 2020
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this is a SUSSY BAKA, whoever is named abhishek is the smartest most shartiest chlinf. baptized by god themselve.
ABHISHEK is so sussy
by popsmokeishott June 19, 2021
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