Arguing to prove a point that you believe is right when everyone else knows that the point is wrong
A group of friends trying to find their way out of a building after getting lost ---
A- We came in this way.
B- No, we came in that way.
A- Trust me, we came in this way.
B- Nooo, listen to me, we came in that way.
A- Dude, stop abhisheking around, ask anyone, they'll all tell u that we came in this way.
by EJ-VIT January 05, 2013
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such a qmt

good flirting skills but not more than khushi

heavy driver

selmon bhoi fan
Abhishek is qmt
by homtykhushi November 28, 2021
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A big time loser who is forced down our throats whether we like it or not.
Man, that Siddharth Mallya is on TV again. He's gonna go Abhishek Bachhan on us.
by felixunger April 28, 2011
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A terrible know it all who knows nothing at all and specializes in creeping out girls and women.
Creepy guy: Oh so you study Botany? I'm a kind of a genius in the subject. Especially, animal reproduction. If you catch my drift *smirks and winks*
Girl: Can you try not to harass me, and stop being such an Abhishek Mishra?
by Thesaurus_101 April 22, 2020
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A tall, dark and handsome man, good in sports; But a complete dishonest jerk with anti-feminist views. This man is someone who thinks he is the only powerful man and the universe revolves around him. But in reality a complete psychopath, good for nothing, loser.
Stay away from him, he is abhishek kansal.
What an abhishek kansal, throw stones on him.
Look! Abhishek kansal. Call the cops.
by Jerklover June 03, 2015
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It is a name of a boy who is caring, helpful,and good in various sports especially table tennis.He is smart, Intelligent, and sweet.
I want to be a table tennis player just like Abhishek Bapat
by Table tennis January 10, 2018
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