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a chill dude who broke stereotypes and is a homie to the end. a homie that knows what is up and even though he knows hes crazy can never get enough. an abhay is a fearless homie who always has your back no matter how rough things can get.

means fearless in hindi
man i was about to pass out after the party but abhay had my back and helped me on my feet.
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a greek goddess in human male form. when a man is so thic it defies gravity
man 1: that is a thic daddy papi
man 2: i only see a skinny bod compared to abhay abhaybie
by Bobo sita October 01, 2018
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abhay is a real cool person who plays guitar and loves heavy metal. people always hangout with abhay and respect abhay a lot. Abhays are funny and good looking.
It also means fearless in hindi
by w(A)rlord February 04, 2010
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Abhay is just too thic. Like I can’t stop staring.
“Abhay is too thic
by Bobo sita September 28, 2018
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