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A male Muslim given name

Usually this person is someone very sweet, lovable, and caring. He will always open his house for guests to gather in and whoop his booty in Fifa 2010-2020. He will be someone that is responsible and gladly takes care of the household and his family. He will be someone that invites himself to Shuyookh's homes with no invitation like it's normal. Every once in a while, you may be fortunate enough to hear his never ending string of laughter that can last up to 14-25 minutes. But more often than not, the laughter is there simply to be used to distract others from the very slim metrosexual flower petal button down shirts he may wear. 20% off at Zara. Also, most AbdulQaders aren't like this, but if you bump into the variety from India, he will come equipped with several weird traits. For example but not limited to: While giving you a glass of water, he will hold it with one hand which has full and complete possession, but for some reason, will use the other hand's index finger to place on the bottom of the glass while handing it to you. Why? No one knows. Maybe to balance it? Maybe to guide it to you? Maybe to be strange? Yeah I think that's it maybe to be strange. He will also be petrified of cute little kittens, make nonchalant and unintended jabs at Mexican men, almost destroy your expensive RC car after just meeting you, and be married to a gal named Maimuna since they're usually the only ones that can give the level of love that a AbdulQader deserves
"Look at that civic over there with the peeling paint!"

"Oh, that's just AbdulQader."

"Yeah man, I just purchased Adobe CS6 Master Connection for $3,000."

"What?!? You imbecile! You could've just went to the pirate king AbdulQader and got dat ish fo free!"
by Rajinikanth Chopra April 11, 2017
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