a-chill is another word for "cheers and have a nice day". Just a shorter word for this.
Mr. X: Bla, bla, bla, bla....

Mr. Y: yes, yes, no, no, bla, bla...

Mr. X: ok gotta go, a-chill.

>>>>>>> -> means dialog and at the end Mr. X says: Cheers and have a nice day!
by NxSG August 9, 2007
a-chill is a word for "cheers and have a nice day".
bla, bla, bla.... must go. a-chill
by newfriend August 9, 2007
When someone for some reason is very agitated or angry who really needs to calm down.

This gives them the option to calm down and relax themselves or others will do it for them.
that C**** wont answer the phone! WTF! im gonna keep calling the b**** until she f****** picks up!" "mate, we are tryin to have a good time! chill or be chilled!" "yeah, OK.
by B247E July 2, 2010
when a person gets so reckless that you need to emphasize how much they need to calm down by telling them to chill twice
logan, you need to chill chill and stop chiefing on that blunt
by mountaineermaniacs May 29, 2010
A phrase used when teenagers see a police officer while smoking marijuana
When 3 teenagers were smoking a bowl in their car, one of them warns the other 2 of the officer passing the opposite way, saying Chill Chill Chill, Shit Shit Shit, Fuck Fuck Fuck, Etc...
by NicholasJ January 4, 2008
Chill is a word that can be used for many things. It could describe being cool and a go with the flow person. Or a cold object. But overall chill is a cool word.
by Rashel1308 September 13, 2019
A rush of ecstasy or euphoria that normally climbs from the base of the spine up across the shoulders, neck, head and arms. The phrase is often used interchangeably with "goosebumps", "ASMR", and "tingles". Though ASMR categorizes the feeling by using mostly only textile triggers(such as playing with the hair or ears), there are many other different "triggers" for getting the feeling. In Hinduism, it is known as Kundalini energy. Some people also believe the Holy Spirit, from Christianity, is a symbol for the feeling, and that it, in itself, is the act or 'reward" of worship. It is also known as "frisson". The idea is now well known throughout most of the new world, but only until recently has it come under the microscope.
1. yooo that CLIMAX though!

yeah it gave me teh chils! so groovy

2. Hey guys, I just had an epiphany!
Did someone walk over your grave?
uh, no, what? I just got the chills.
by Upuaut July 8, 2021