His name is Marc
by November 20, 2020
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Some idiot who looks his name up on Urban Dictionary instead of doing his fucking homework.
Mom: Marc do your homework
Marc: Hold on mom let me look my name up on urban dictionary real quick
by JustAnotherGamer :) August 27, 2019
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A really funny guy who likes to make people laugh. He probably has a meme account and is happy to send you memes. He has really fluffy hair and amazing brown eyes. His smile is so warm it will make you want to smile. He is extremely attractive and has really nice hands. He makes you happy and makes you feel better. He is really good at cooking ramen and loves doggos. He is all the good things in one. He will always be on your mind. You would be the luckiest girl on Earth to have him.
Wow, that guy is really cute, he must be a Marc!
by Ibeatyhismeaty July 13, 2018
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an amazing person and friend. he can be silly and funny whenever you feel like it, but can be deadly serious, plus a great listener and advice-giver. marc will be never let go of an inside joke, and doesn't care about his reputation, making it easy for him to make the stupidest, funniest jokes.

he will be friends with you until the very end, if you offer a bit of the immense kindness and loyalty to him too. since he is so loyal and passionate, he makes for a great lover. if you're friends or partners with someone called marc, never let him go.
person 1: i think i have a crush on my friend.
person 2: it's marc, isn't it? he's adorable!
person 1: yeah...
by top ramen man July 9, 2019
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Marc, you’re so positive and nice, and you’re always cheering people up. Not to mention you’re really funny and basically one of my best friends ever. And you always make everyone smile, and I don’t know a lot of people like that. You’re like one in a million, not to mention, you’re legit the best human being ever.
Marc is amazing.
by MakingPeopleHappy13 February 28, 2019
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The kindest, most caring boi ever. He'll be nice to someone and tell them what they wanna hear even if he truly believes that they're a fucking asshole. He does and says the cutest things and has the most infectious smile. He distracts you from all your worries and sticks by you even when you're not in the best of moods. He has a massive dick and he knows it and certainly doesn't shy away from using it-especially when overseas..He has a pretty wizard girlfriend who loves him very much and thinks that he is pre cool Yoshi. Oh and has a nutella fetish.
Girl: Oh hawt damn, have you seen that boy?
Girl: Marc ist mein kleiner Deutscher
by orangeelephants June 18, 2013
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