1. when someone is trying to hard to make a joke

2. or when someone asks you to do something and you dont want to do it.
josh: Knock knock

Kimball: FORCE...no one uses knock knock jokes anymore

Josh: Could you tell me a joke so I can be funny?

Kimball: wow...force..DUB FORCE
by k-balls April 16, 2008
A delicious concoction made in a five-gallon cooler to be consumed at parties. Ingredients are as follows: 1 30-pack of natty light, 1 handle of Aristocrat vodka, Country time lemonade powder (to taste), and 1 2-litre of Sprite. Gets everyone at the party ratchet as fuck.
Dude we made the force for the party last night and everyone got absolutely destroyed. Shit got real.
by WarDamnForce August 23, 2012
Force = Mass X Acceleration in a linear system. The units of force are kilogram meter per second squared or newtons.
Given that a due to gravity on earth is equal to 9.8 m/s^2 in an MKS system, calculate the force due to gravity on a 100 kg man. The answer is 980 N.
by MadPhysicsMan March 21, 2004
A push or pull acting on something
The force of the wind nicked down that tree
by El domi February 23, 2017
When someone you would prefer not to talk to, engages you in an Extended one-sided conversation, that the only possible response is to say uh huh and let them keep talking.

usually it works like this

person 1: "hey man did you hear that that watchman movies out this friday?"

Person 2: "yeah man im not sure if thats gonna be good tho."

Person 3(forcer): "omg that movies gonna be good it gonna... bla bla bla bla bla"(you so dont care)

Person 1 & 2: "uh huh"

Person 3: bla bla bla bla

Person 1 & 2: "uh huh"
Person 1- Man he forced you like 6 times today.

Person 2- i know man it was like stfu dude please.
by Da_Mad-Hatter March 7, 2009
It should be noted that while force is not exactly the amount of energy applied to an object, it is the instantaneous amount of energy applied per distance when not balanced by other forces. Forces can consist of troops and their equipment, whose bullets, by the way, transfer enough force to cause damage to most materials.
Change in energy of an object in motion is the cross product (sum of component products of two vectors) of the sum of applied forces and the change in position.
by oberon August 15, 2004