the alcaholic, chain-smoking, cleptomaniac bending robot on Futurama. Best pal of Fry the Solid, him and fry get into all kinds of crazy trouble.
"Kiss my shiney metal ass!"
by Matt Hill March 29, 2005
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The absolute greatest robot ever, real or not.
The first letter in Bender's name should be capitalized.
by Adrian October 22, 2006
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An English slang term for homosexual. Used as an epithet for a male who is bent over.
Oi look at that poof Dominic, he's a right bender.
by St0machW0rm December 25, 2020
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In the UK, a homosexual. In other words, someone who is bent, that is, not straight.
"No way, you'll make me sound like a bender!"
-Gareth in the original TV series of The Office.
by Pedgerow June 15, 2005
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a bender is a really bad hockey player. their skates bend in at the ankles, their knees bend in, and their back is bent over and they are leaning on their stick because they have no control over what they are doing and they can't skate.
-in a men's league where nobody can skate and they are all bad
-look at all of those benders, they are so bad.
-you can also have benderitis, very hard to get rid of.
by Alex Digirolamo April 15, 2007
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A homosexual male. Literally someone who bends over and takes it in the ass.
If you put a rainbow sticker on your car, people might think you are a bender.
by Osro July 27, 2005
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