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When you devote so many hours of your life to tending your Farm, Cafe and/or Fish online, that you don't have time, or the patience, to discuss any other topic while conversing with friends. Can be treated with dialogue that pertains to topics other than social network computer games (such as the weather outside in the real world, the doorbell ringing, the oven timer buzzing, etc.).
Damn! S/he plays so much Farmville, Cafe World and Fishville that s/he's been Zyngafied! Such a shame.
by The Sausalito Samurai November 13, 2009
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When an original video game concept is cloned by a competitor then heavily advertised as an original.
It is too bad you didn't get credit for the original game you made, the masses only play the zyngafied version.
by LoseCryBlame April 06, 2017
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