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Getting demolished in a fight in a very quick and brutal fashion. Usually in less than a minute.
The term was popularized by MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko after he defeated Zuluzinho in 26 seconds.

by TheTruth07 March 23, 2009
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When a fighter gets rocked by the first punches of fight and then swiftly finished off while flopping around confused on the ground.

Refers to a mixed martial arts event between Fedor Emelianenko and Zuluzhino, aka "Zulu".

When Emelianenko later defeated Tim Sylvia in a fashion reminiscent of his performance against Zulu, it was said that Sylvia "got Zulu'd".
Did you see Fedor vs. Gary Goodrige? He got Zulu'd even before Zulu got Zulu'd!
by January 04, 2010
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being extremly inhebriated to the point of motor function impairment, poor thought processes, etc. Usually the result of a mixture of pharmaceutical narcotics, alcohol, and illegal drugs.
Man did you see Brent, son, he was so zulu'd he couldn't walk.
by Titty Goon June 25, 2009
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