Anuite Zuism is a zuist doctrine based on anuism, anuite zuism supports that the Law of An and the Law of Polarity are basic principles of reality, such as extraphysicalism, extramaterialism, extranaturalism, pandivinism, panpsychism and spiritualism also are, and it supports that Anu is the supreme king and the main god, but it doesn't exclude the importance of the other Anunna gods and goddesses. Anuite zuism also supports that people should follow the Law of An and the Law of Polarity on their lives and that people should focus on improve the world socially and politically, such as improve the social and political spheres in order to reach a better world and to become the most Anunna-like as possible.
"Anuite zuism is interesting, and it shows about how many forms of zuism and anunnakism we have nowadays, even it might take some time until zuism and anunnakism get a lot popular worldwide."
by Full Monteirism July 1, 2021
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Zuism, also reffered as sumerian neopaganism and as anunnaki neopaganism, is a set of neopagan movements that advocates the restauration of the ancient sumerian religion, also reffered as anunnaki religion. Zuism is characterized by believing in sumerian/anunnaki gods, building temples for worship the anunnaki gods and other modern beliefs and theories such as theofragmentism, divinialism, deistology, anunnaki philosophy, anunnaki economics, tunicism, anunnaki language (ana'kh) revitalization, anuanism and anuan-anunnaki ethnocultural theory.
"Zuism is a wacky neopagan movement, but even being so wacky, it is an interesting neopagan movement, and it shows how neopaganism actually is nowadays and how interestig neopaganism is nowadays, mainly seeing the modernization of pagan beliefs and reconstructing them nowadays."
by Full Monteirism March 24, 2021
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Tiamatite Zuism is a zuist doctrine, based on Tiamatism, that believes that zuism should be used as a way to be connected with the nature, the universe and existence and that goddess Tiamat is the personification of the primordial source of nature, universe and existence and the union and unity of the physical and extraphysical; material and extramaterial; and natural and extranatural. Tiamatite zuism also believes that the consciousness and the divine are fundamental substances of the existence and the main focus of life and existence should be reaching a high level of being and become spiritually and mentally highly evolved. Tiamatite Zuism also believes that the law of polarity plays an important role on the spiritual and mental issues and one of the tips to become highly evolved is keep the balance and the unity inside the law of polarity and that love is the chaos and that chaos and order are the same, such as the physical, extraphysical, material, extramaterial, natural and extranatural are the same thing and substance on different levels and states.
"Tiamatite Zuism is a cool zuist doctrine, cool as the doctrine of mardukite zuism, despite tiamatite zuism has, somehow, a different philosophy and way to see the world than mardukite zuism, but tiamatite zuism is still interesting and cool."
by Full Monteirism May 20, 2021
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