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Zuhur is the most stunning gorgeous girl you could ever find in life . Zuhur is the type of girl you would give the world to get , she’s smart , really out going once you get to know her but also shy and very calmed , she has a body like a goddess and is so sexy , has soft lips , very truthful/loyal & definitely a sweetheart. Zuhur is rare and super hard to find. She also doesn’t go for just anyone and is well respected and loved by others. Zuhur is special and precious , has a pure heart and is 100% all in when she says she is. Once you lay eyes on her it’s hard to look away with her charming looks and personality. You shouldn’t be suprise when you fall in love with her. She is definitely wifey material and a keeper. Once you’ve got a zuhur you will most certainly never want to let her go.
Person 1 : Who is zuhur ?

Person 2 : Zuhur is the love of my life (soul mate)
by Babygotfacts August 22, 2018
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An amazing who is very intelligent and clever she gets what she wants when she wants it . If you mess with her you will definitely regret it she is a BOSS . she would make an amazing wife and a loyal best friend .Just love her
Boy A : Do you think I should ask Zuhur on a date
Boy B : She is way out of your league
by Peng gurl January 27, 2018
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