Zubair is literally the best person you'll ever meet. He is funny, kind, generous, sweet, caring, good-looking, weird in an awesome way, and overall amazing. If you're ever lucky enough to meet him, hold on to him. Because there isn't anyone better. He is the definition of a perfect boyfriend, always there for whatever you need.
Girl 1: girrrrl, I started dating Zubair!

Girl 2: omg you're the luckiest person alive, I hate you

Girl 3: don't ever let him go girl 1 there aren't anyone better
by Teddybear23 May 30, 2017
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kind, polite, smart, skillful, good, person
Zubair: hi

by zubairfan November 30, 2021
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Umm Zubair: Test the oven, see if it's working.
Abu Zubair: Test walla exam *insert Abu Zubair laugh*
by Hmmzamn January 24, 2022
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Jannat Zubair Rahmani is an Indian film and television actress who began her acting career in 2010 with TV series Dill Mill Gayye and gained mainstream recognition after appearing on Colors TV's drama series Phulwa in 2011 where she played the lead. The child artist has also received the Indian Telly Award in 2011 for best child actor for her performance on the show. Jannat is also a highly popular on moj and instagram.

If you want to see what success is all about , have a look at jannat zubair's life.

Some fans ships jannat zubair with other actors such as Ritwik Arora, siddharth nigam but according to us she looks more cute and complete when she is with mr faisu.

Now she is famous,rich and a talented artist who has following of millions across all her Social Media platforms

Her project includes bunch of music albums with mr faisu and other artists
Jannat Zubair is also famed due to her rumoured boyfriend faisal shaikh aka Mr faisu who is also Called as king of Social media in india.

Everyone says that they're dating but they keep denying the news,they have a hashtag known as Fainat which recently crossed 1M posts on Instagram

According to us they look so adorable together and has a sizzling chemistry which makes noise wherever they go !

Via- Urban Dictionary
by Social Media Expert December 2, 2021
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