A great leader who sacrificed everything for the Power Rangers and the rest of the Universe
Had Andros kill Zordon to stop the armies of Dark Spector
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Zordon is a stupendous clownshoe that owns a DeLorean that looks a lot like the one for sale on ebay.
by AI collective November 23, 2003
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it is a religion in were you believe in the almighty zordon
i am a part of zordonism
by zordinism February 25, 2021
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A fan used term for the era of the Television Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from the first season to the end of Power Rangers In Space where the character Zordon was around.
Person A: "So do you like Power Rangers?"

Person B: "Only the Zordon Era. After that it was crap."
by ThE___UnKnOwN September 27, 2010
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Being the only one to attend the meeting/class remotely, as Zordon would do with power rangers.
To Zordon, zordoning: "You guys start without me and I'll Zordon in in a sec"
by Ch666 November 4, 2020
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