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A mythical reptilian/insectoid creature from the volcanic-swamp planet of Tyra'Usi.

The natives of the planet Tyra'Usi, the Tirothens, talk of an ancient creature that once plundered the lands of this world. They describe Zorato to be anywhere from seven feet and three inches to seven feet and eight inches in height, said to be around two thousand pounds in weight, and has the length of eleven feet from extended mandibles to tail.

The literal meaning of Zorato Styrano, in the Tirothen tounge, means 'Underground Reaper' or 'Reaper of the Underground'.

The myth of this creature is very ancient to the natives of Tyra'Usi and say Zorato is a god of destruction and underworld. The story of Zorato goes back to the golden age of Tyra'Usi, or what the Tirothens call this period of time, 'Tinira Assui', which literally means 'Great Time'. The capital city of Tyra'Usi, Syunia'Yuia, fell victim to great destruction during the time of religious ceremony at night. During this time, Syunia'Yuia was remembered having large earthquakes where buildings would cave into themselves, and the natives ran around in confusion and fear. Then a large beast with scythe-like claws would explode out of the ground with a loud pitched noise and take the confused down into the darkness again, to never be seen again.

By dawn the city was in ruins and the only reminder of this nightmarish creature is the once proud city of Syunia'Yuia, which is now to this day in ruins. Fear that the creature now known as Zorato would come and take them into the ground again never see the light of day again.

Though this creature was never reportedly seen again, the natives of Tyra'Usi still remember the dark creature of the ground. After that day many, many years ago, Zorato has always been blamed for earthquakes by the Tirothen priests, and was taken as a sign of anger from Zorato.

A religious book, much similar to our Holy Bible, called 'Issa Ty Zorato', which literally means 'Book of Zorato', has been written with many prophecys of the death that Zorato has caused. Religious ceremonys are held at night every two days. A eleven foot hole is dug and sacrifical offers are offered to, Zorato Styrano, the Underground Reaper, or the god of destruction and underworld.
"Eysia'Eta euir fedeil kyialis Zorato wetia'caya za?"
by Zorato October 29, 2004
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